Capital Associates Now Implementing Dollar One Reporting of Lobbying Expenses

13 Jan Capital Associates Now Implementing Dollar One Reporting of Lobbying Expenses

In case you missed it last week, Capital Associates is now implementing “dollar one reporting” of lobbying expenses. Here is the press release from last week:

Capital Associates, Inc. Announces Implementation of Dollar One Reporting of Lobbying Expenses

Harrisburg, PA (January 4, 2016): Capital Associates has announced the implementation of “dollar-one” reporting of meals, entertainment, gifts and other costs as it relates to lobbying expenses. On August 31, 2015, partners and associates at Greenlee Partners published a column in a local news publication calling for “dollar-one” reporting of lobbying expenses, among other reforms. Since then, legislation has been circulated in the Pennsylvania Senate for co- sponsorship to implement lobbying reforms. Current law requires reporting in instances where aggregate thresholds are exceeded. “Dollar-one” reporting is a procedure, first championed several years ago by some in the General Assembly, whereby every single dollar expended for each legislator of every direct lobbying expense is reported to the Pennsylvania Department of State.

“At Capital Associates, ethics is a key tenet of the ‘CA Way’ and is a guiding principle in everything we do,” said Jay Layman, President of Capital Associates. “Our reporting has always been legal and ethical. Our clients expect nothing less. But at a time when greater government reform and transparency is needed, meeting the minimum requirements is no longer satisfactory. Capital Associates will continue to meet the highest standards in lobbying ethics. Dollar-one reporting is a natural next step.”

Capital Associates, Inc. will begin full dollar-one reporting to coincide with the first reporting period of 2016.

“Only our elected officials can determine and implement the laws and policies to govern the profession of lobbying in Pennsylvania as well as other government reforms and transparency measures. We cannot set the policies, but we will set the example,” said Layman.

More information on Pennsylvania’s lobbyist disclosure law can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of State website at