CA offers a full range of public affairs and business strategies services to effectively influence key decision makers on behalf of our clients. We become your eyes, ears and voice in the PA political arena and use our resources, relationships and access to government officials to initiate strategic activities.

Political and Issue Analysis

Research, analyze and assess the political climate and other information pertinent to a legislative, regulatory or economic development project.

Direct Lobbying

Initiate strategic activities to influence local, state and federal officials (PA-based).

Coalition Building

Facilitate coalition formation among groups and organizations to create support for or against a legislative or regulatory issue.

Legislative/Regulatory Monitoring

Comprehensive tracking and analysis of targeted legislation or broad legislative issues as well as any regulatory and rule-making developments

Drafting Legislation

Research, draft and present legislation, regulations and testimony to legislative and administrative forums.

Advocacy Training

Development of Advocacy Materials

Grassroots Consulting

Coordinate comprehensive grassroots campaigns that effectively and efficiently utilize resources to organize and motivate support for a client’s issue.

Message Development

Prepare clear and precise messages that properly position the client with the political community, general public and media.

Media/Public Relations

Raise awareness within the targeted community for a client’s policy, legislative or economic development issue.

Political Action Committee (PAC)

Advise clients on the political and legal implications of creating and administering Political Action Committees (PACs) and assist in developing fundraising techniques.

Relationship Building with Political Stakeholders

Targeting and Coordinating Political Endorsements

Assessment, Research and Definition of Project Goals and Objectives

Creation of a Planning Document Based Upon an Assessment with Suggested Activities Necessary to Achieve Project Objectives

Facilitate Funding Opportunities

Prepare Grant Applications

Track Funding Sources

Coordinate Legal, PR, Political and Community Relations

Project Management and Related Services

Direct and Indirect Lobbying