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13 Jul Natural Gas Vehicles: A Dynamic Time in PA

Pennsylvania state government has been consumed with budget activity for most of the spring and summer, especially in the past month or so. Despite all the action and focus on the state budget, there are a lot of other policy items being pushed forward. Our team has been deeply involved on two fronts involving natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and have been making some headway on behalf of Clean Energy and this important burgeoning industry in...

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16 Feb Advocacy: Keep the Product, Change the Marketing

Advocacy needs to change with the political cycle, but the goals don't have to. With the changing political landscape in DC, Democrats in power have undoubtedly adopted an approach that can be termed – the politics of deconstruction. Their strategy in the face of a new administration is to never let the new President and his administration ever find firm footing. From delaying cabinet confirmations to vigorously pursuing the ouster of appointed or already confirmed officials...

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